Grazing: A Nationwide Study of Artists

and Their Snacks

by Rebecca Haley, Hyun Jung Jun, Onyx Montes

Anthology 2020

Snack Talk

"Snacking is such a major part of my life. Everybody who knows me knows that I don't leave home without food. For me, a happy belly makes for a clear mind. If I had to name my favorite utilitarian snack, it would be cashews and dried cherries, because they clearly make the superior nut and dried fruit combo. If I had to name my favorite decadent snack, if would be figs with rainforest crisps and Humboldt Fog cheese, because...why not?"

— Nathalie Joachim

I remember when I was a young child,

my family members would sit around eating sunflower seeds and drinking jasmine tea

to pass the time."

—Bing Liu

"My sisters and I used to like to make cinnamon toast. Our version involves buttering the bread, sprinkling it with

a generous amount of granulated white sugar, covering that with a layer of ground cinnamon, and toasting it under the broiler

in the oven until it bubbles and caramelizes

on top."

—Pamela Z

"It could be a few different things, but I think when I'm feeling stressed I'll get a snack that involves leaving the studio. we live pretty close to downtown, and I can hop on my bike and be at a bakery or a coffee shop in a few minutes. Our favorite bakery in town has an amazing chocolate chip walnut cookie. I only get one once every few months, and it feels like a big treat—and a comfort. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my mom in coffee shops. As much as anything, it was about the culture and community of the cafe. I still find those kinds of spaces comforting—so as much as the snack, I think it's about being in a kind of space." 

—Del Harrow

"One from my grandmother is vodka-soacked tamarinds. I don't really remember how this started, but it has become

a family staple."

—Surya Mattu

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