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Photo: Ebru Yildiz



Helado Negro

Avant-Pop Musician and Performer

Helado Negro is an avant-pop musician and performer. Born to Ecuadorian immigrants, his bilingual lyrics explore the expressivity within intense states of being, Latinx identity, and pluralistic sensibilities. His most recent album, This is How You Smile, was released in spring of 2019. Helado Negro is a 2019 USA Fellow.



[ Transcript ]


Take your time, my friend.

Tell yourself to be quiet, and in the mornings, sit in your favorite room.

Write down everything you hear.

Find yourself listening to everything from that place you are sitting, everything changes the longer you listen.


Windows open. Leaves wiggling and rubbing against one another after the wind tickles them. Sirens, people talking, cars driving by, and apartment doors opening and closing. Outside is always the first then inside, the refrigerator's compressor, the fan revolving and giving the chain that turns it on off enough inertia that it's like a fingernails tapping on a desk. The neighbors turn on their sink then off, and you can hear a slight drip at the faucet, then hear your bare feet rubbing on the floor while your hand has been holding your other hand and the folds of your skin make the slightest sound with the friction as you move them slowly concentrating on what you're hearing. It's your heart, and it's on time, and listen to it beating, and then tell yourself, MAKE SOMETHING.


[ Signed ] Roberto Lange Signature