Photo: Elizabeth Weinberg



Miranda July

Filmmaker, Artist, Writer

Miranda July is a filmmaker, artist, and writer. She wrote No One Belongs Here More Than You, a book of short stories that won the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, and The First Bad Man, a novel. July’s feature films include The Future and Me and You and Everyone We Know, which received the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and a Special Jury Prize at Sundance, and the forthcoming Kajillionaire.  She is also known for her participatory artworks, including the website Learning to Love You More (with artist Harrell Fletcher), the Somebody app (with Miu Miu), and Eleven Heavy Things, a collection of interactive sculptures presented at the 2009 Venice Biennale. July is a 2016 USA Fellow in Theater & Performance.


[ Transcript ]


Darling, 9.20.19

I see what you’re doing and I’m here to help. It’s not really fair that your soul should have to fight so hard for your attention, but here we are and non one is going to look after your art but you. So:


[ left column ]

You can use this paper again and again, every day.


[ drawing of a silhouette of a phone, middle of the page ]

Put it here. Face down. Don’t pick it up until you are in a totally new place, emotionally. It [ drawing of a clock ] takes time.


[ right column ]

It will get easier, the more you use this.


Understand this paper has powers. It’s filled with my faith in you and my hope for both of us. It’s not an easy time to hear quiet things, but then it never is, it never was.


[ signed ] Miranda July